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iPad 2 case spotted at CES, mock-up iPad 2 included


Engadget's posted some shots of what's purportedly a case for an iPad 2, which is being shown by a firm called Dexim at CES this week.

The case includes "a Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically adheres to the front cover of the book-like sleeve, allowing for a laptop-style setup, or a keyboard-free case when you want to shave a few ounces."

Engadget tried to put a current gen iPad inside it and it wouldn't fit; the site was told the case was designed for the next iteration.

Apparently the design has a "a taper leading to the edges that reminds us of the iPod touch, and a home button positioned nearer the bottom edge.

"We found all the typical cutouts on the case, and their mirror on the machined mockup, including a large square for the speaker."

There were holes for cameras, front and back. Obviously.

As Engadget notes, there's every chance the mock-up may be based on guesswork on the part of the Chinese firm, but a next gen iPad in a slimmer case and features obviously designed for FaceTime? Probably.

The next iPad's rumoured to be announced in February.

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