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IO Interactive: Violence in games is criticized by the 'outside crowd'.


IO Interactive's Karsten Lund believes that violence in videogames is criticized unfairly by outsiders.

Speaking with CVG during a presentation of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the game director said that in reality, the target audience knows the difference between "real-life and games".

"Games, in general, throughout history have been violent," said Lund. "Even Chess is a violent game about war you could say, right? Games are a chance to try stuff that you're not trying in real life, and without having to face the consequences. Every game is like that so that's nothing new.

"I'm not an expert in psychology, but I do think that some of these opinions come from an outside crowd that's not really used to dealing with games, they just watch it and think 'Oh, it's got to be affecting people'.

"I do think our target audience knows the difference between real life and games".

During the presentation, Lund revealed that he hadn't received any feedback from anyone that the game was too violent.

As a matter of fact, he feels that the Gears of War franchise is more violent than Kane & Lynch.

"What's interesting is that it shows a lot less than a game like Gears of War, which is probably the most bloody game and brutal game I've ever seen.

"I mean you're knee deep in blood and gore and nobody seems to notice."

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is slated for August, and to brush up on what it's all about, check out Pat's interview with Lund through here.

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