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Intel at CES 2014: dual-boot Windows and Android PCs, Steam Machine support

Intel's CES 2014 keynote including some interesting developments for anybody on the look out for a new gaming PC.

The Verge reports Intel confirmed rumours of dual-boot PCs. intel chips will power Dual OS computers that can switch instantly between Android and Windows operating systems at the press of a button. Asus already has a laptop on show powered by the tech.

AMD has announced something similar, apparently, but its idea is Android apps within Windows thanks to new chips that run Android code natively; not quite the same as Intel's true Dual OS scheme.

VentureBeat reports Intel CEO Brian Krzanich applauded Valve's efforts to make the PC environment more open and inclusive.

Fresh from the Steam Machine press conference, Valve founder Gabe Newell made an appearance at the Intel event. SteamOS now has native Intel graphics support, the two companies announced; AMD support is still incoming.

That's it for gaming news, but one other general headline worth noting is this Engadget report that Intel is going conflict mineral-free.

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