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Insomniac's Spider-Man Teases Miles Morales, Game Out in 2018

Spider-Man has some new moves, but they look a little familiar.

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Spider-Man is back in Insomniac's newest webslinging adventure and Sony premiered the first gameplay trailer at their E3 press conference. As one of the first full glimpse of the Marvel video game, Insomniac's Spider-Man looks like a completely fleshed out exhibition of all of Spider-Man's best powers, from his web-based acrobatic fighting style, to web slinging through the New York skyline.

Sony practically revealed a whole Spider-Man campaign level at their press conference, combining a cool looking combo fight system (web shots, spider-sense slow-mo, and gymnastic agility), with amazing looking web slinging that kind of looks like a mix between the traditional 3D Spider-Man games, and Uncharted style cinematic quick-time events.

The gameplay trailer introduces familiar faces like Kingpin's Wilson Fisk with new enemies known as the Demons, a group of superpowered enemies that wear native Pacific island masks. Insomniac's Spider-Man even has a few first-person portions that look...okay.

Oh and for fans of Miles Morales? Well it looks like he might be in the new Spider-Man game, alongside Peter Parker. Whether he'll be playable remains to be seen of course, but fingers crossed.

Spider-Man is out in 2018.

Looks like Peter's Spider-Man's goin' Bad and we're maybe getting a Miles Spider-Man instead!
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Spider Man Insomniac E3 Gameplay
Spider Man Insomniac E3 Gameplay
Spider Man Insomniac E3 Gameplay
Spider Man Insomniac

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