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Infinity Blade took five months to make, new content update incoming

Chair Entertainment's confirmed that Infinity Blade is to get a new content update soon, and has also told a GDC crowd that the iOS game took five months to make.

Chair creative director Donald Mustard said the concept for IB was done via a six-person team at the studio during a pitching process that saw 30 pitches come in daily for two weeks.

"This proved to be one of the most valuable exercises we’d ever done," said Mustard.

"What it does is allow us as a team to constantly be talking about new game ideas that we want to create. It’s one of our most effective tools."

He also explained how Chair came up with three main points of development. First, Infinity Blade had to be controlled using one finger.

Second, the gameplay had to be original, tailored for iPhone and unique, with Mustard saying: "If your game would be great with a controller, you are making the wrong game."

Third and lastly, it was insisted the game would be skill-based instead of being repetitive or focusing on fortune.

"Easy to grasp, difficult to master," he said.

Mustard also confirmed that a new content update was coming for the game, but didn't specify when.

"We have an update coming very, very soon and it will add a ton of new content to the game and expand on some of the themes and story that you've already started to see."

He continued: "It's so easy to make these content updates, and at least we've decided we're going to give our content away for free. So when you initially buy the game for $5.99 you know we're going to continue to give you content, so we still have lots of content we're building to support Infinity Blade."

Thanks, EG, Joystiq and Edge.

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