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Infinity Blade, Sony XDev and lighting design talks added to GDC Europe

Three more announcements from GDC Europe 2012, a show rapidly reaching the size and shape of a city-eating ancient god.

Epic Games senior engine programmer Niklas Smedberg will give the keynote to the programming track in a talk called "Bringing AAA Graphics to Mobile Platforms". Obviously, he'll be talking about Chait's Infinity Blade 2 and Infinity Blade: Dungeons, both of which use Unreal Engine, and how programmers can "modify and adapt the implementation of various graphics effects" for use with mobile, tile-based GPUs.

In the business and marketing track, Sony XDev Studio executive producer Pete Smith has useful advice to offer on the topic of "Pitching to Publishers: How to Impress and What to Avoid.". Smith was part of the process which brought Motorstorm and LittleBigPlanet to prominence, and neither of those are particularly easy sells.

Finally, the design track will be temporarily highjacked by a student from the Parsons School of Design. Robert Yang, the creator of Radiator, will discuss "Lighting Design for Level Designers".

GDC Europe runs August 13-15 alongside gamescom in Cologne.

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