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Indie game winner Gemini Rue getting release on February 24


Wadjet Eye Games has announced that its indie title Gemini Rue is to be released for PC on February 24.

A retro-style adventure game with point and click gameplay and a sci-fi noir narrative, Gemini Rue was as an Independent Game Festival Student Showcase winner in 2010 under the name Boryokudan Rue.

Set in a "bleak future dominated by the corrupt Boryokudan crime syndicate", players assume the roles characters: Azriel Odin, an ex-assassin searching for a defector from the Gemini system, and "Delta-Six," a hospital inmate whose memory has been wiped by mysterious, Big Brother types.

"As fate brings the two men together, players explore a world where life is cheap, identities are bought and sold, and a simple quest for redemption can change an entire galaxy's fate", reads the game description.

The game sports a verb-based interface, hand-painted backgrounds, and an original soundtrack composed by Nathan Allen Pinard. In-game commentary can be turned on to "reveal development insights and bloopers, providing replay value".

"When Josh first showed us Gemini Rue, we knew we had something very special on our hands," says Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games' founder and CEO. "It's the type of game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. We played until we couldn't keep our eyes open, then eagerly started playing again when we woke up. Working with Josh to finish up the game has been a blast, and we're excited to finally share it with the world!"

Interested parties can pre-order the game starting today, in both downloadable and limited edition CD versions. The download costs $14.99 and will be made available on February 24. The limited edition CD, which will only be sold during the pre-order period, costs $24.99 and includes free shipping worldwide. The CD ships in March, and includes the game, an MP3 soundtrack, and free access to the downloadable version when Gemini Rue launches online.

To get a first look at the game or place a pre-order, visit the official website, and check out the video below.

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