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Gemini Rue iOS release date narrowed down

Wadjet Eye's dual-story adventure Gemini Rue arrives on iDevice next month.

Joystiq reports the re-release will go for $5, but will be just $4 during its first few weeks after its April 11 release date.

Wadjet Eye boss Dave Gilbert said the team spent eight months adapting the game's engine for touch interface rather than just spit out a quick port, and if Gemini Rue sells well, other titles may follow in its wake.

"If people buy this, then we could justify porting everything else. If it does badly then there's really no point, because this is our best-selling game on the best-selling platform, so that's the best way to gauge to see if it's worth doing," Gilbert said.

"So if you want to see Resonance on iOS, buy Gemini Rue."

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