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IGN gives BioShock PS3 a cool 9.4/10 (update)

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Update: EG's given it a 10.

Update 2: PSM3, via CVG, has given it 9.3/10.

IGN's BioShock PS3 review is up, and it's glowing. The 9.4/10 score says "buy it": the closing comments say, "Buy it if you haven't played it before." See:

If you never experienced the halls of Rapture and have been waiting for its appearance on the PS3, there really is no discussion to be had. Go out and get your hands on BioShock -- you will thoroughly enjoy exploring the incredible story and the excellent action that the game is known for. However, if you've played the game before, or are expecting this to be the definitive version, that's not fully found here. Sure, the full trophy support and Survivor mode are great, and the Challenge Rooms could add a ton to the replayability (whenever it's implemented). However, old glitches that should've been fixed in the PS3 development hold this version back from being completely realized.

Game's out Friday. Full thing through the link. The site's video review is after the break.

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