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RDR, Minecraft and Amnesia scoop big GDC awards

Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption was the main winner of the night at the Game Developers Choice Awards, while the 2011 Independent Games Festival Awards have also been kind to favourites Minecraft and Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The Rockstar San Diego western won four awards on the night, including the main one for Game of the Year.

But others including Cut the Rope, Limbo, Mass Effect 2 and Minecraft were also honoured, the latter of the lot picking up two awards,

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux also picked up his Lifetime Achievement award, while Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki got his Pioneer Award.

At the IGFs, meanwhile, Frictional's Amnesia won in the Direct2Drive Vision, Technical Excellence, and probably most memorably, Excellence in Audio categories, taking home $15,000 in prize money as a result.

Minecraft scored both the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and Audience Award, to take home $22,500 for Mojang.

The beautiful pixel adventure Nidhogg took the Nuovo, and was joined by Bit.Trip Runner in the Excellence in Visual Art category. Excellence in Design was awarded to the glorious time sink Desktop Dungeons.

This year marked the thirteenth annual IGF Awards, and saw a record-breaking number of entrants.

See a full list of winners and prize details from the IGFAs and the GDCAs below.

Thanks, GoNintendo and GameSpot.

Game Developers Choice Awards

  • Best Game - Red Dead Redemption
  • Best Game Design - Red Dead Redemption
  • Innovation - Minecraft
  • Best Technology - Red Dead Redemption
  • Best Handheld Game - Cut the Rope
  • Best Audio - Red Dead Redemption
  • Best Downloadable Game - Minecraft
  • Best Writing - Mass Effect 2
  • Best Debut Game - Minecraft
  • Best Visual Arts - Limbo
  • Pioneer Award - Yu Suzuki
  • Lifetime Achievement - Peter Molyneux

Independent Games Festival Awards

  • Seumas McNally Grand Prize ($20,000)
    - Minecraft, by Mojang
  • Nuovo Award ($5,000)
    - Nidhogg, by Messhof
  • Excellence in Visual Art ($2,500)
    - BIT.TRIP RUNNER, by Gaijin Games
  • Excellence in Audio ($2,500)
    - Amnesia: The Dark Descent, by Frictional Games
  • Excellence in Design ($2,500)
    - Desktop Dungeons, by QCF Design
  • Best Student Game ($2,500)
    - FRACT, by University of Montreal
  • Technical Excellence ($2,500)
    - Amnesia: The Dark Descent, by Frictional Games
  • Best Mobile Game ($2,500)
    - Helsing's Fire, Ratloop
  • Audience Award ($2,500)
    - Minecraft, by Mojang
  • Direct2Drive Vision Award ($10,000)
    - Amnesia: The Dark Descent, by Frictional Games

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