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Hunt: Showdown is getting a new map and it's out now on the test servers

Crytek has released a new map available on the PC test servers for Hunt: Showdown.

The new map called DeSalle will feature new experiences and challenges for Hunt: Showdown players.

DeSalle is the first map to be released for the game in three years and expands the roster to three, joining Still Water Bayou and Lawson Delta.

The map features an autumnal theme where you will be hunting clues, monsters, each other, and new Miner Grunt enemies equipped with helmet lights.

It also has 16 new areas of urban sprawl of two Wild West towns alongside mountainous, industrial, and farming regions.

New urban settings in the map include a prison, church, bank, and a saloon. You will also hunt in a shipyard, watermill, fort, quarry, coal mine, and the new farmyard areas.

DeSalle was designed to bring more verticality to the game with climbable areas where players can take the high ground.

Available now on the PC test servers, the map will go live later this summer for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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