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It turns almost half of Hunt: Showdown players haven't even killed another player

Quite the statistic when that's half of the point of the game.

It turns out that a pretty large portion of Hunt: Showdown players have actually even killed another player.

If you've ever played Hunt: Showdown you'll know that other players aren't necessarily your biggest threat at any given point in time. It's a threatening world to exist in, and that doesn't always work for every player. So much so that it turns out 40% of players haven't even killed another player at all. As reported by PCGamer, who held a roundtable regarding first-person shooters at GDC, general manager for the Hunt franchise at Crytek David Fifield shared that statistic, noting that it's a big issue for new players when facing veteran players.

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"We have an achievement in Hunt called Debut," Fifield said. "It's 'kill your first enemy Hunter', 40% of our players never get it. We're a PvP game where you come in, you do some things, and 40% of the people trying Hunt have never killed another player." Due to the nature of Hunt: Showdown, which is PvPvE, there's a chance many players won't even encounter one another in a particular match. So it can be tricky for some when they come up against someone who's been playing the game for a while.

"Balance is tricky," Fifieled added. "In chess, somebody has to move first and so chasing that perfectly fair, perfectly balanced thing? The most skilled person will always win and it actually isn't that interesting to watch now… When you watch an unbeatable player go on for decades, 'Will anyone ever beat them?' is not a thing that a whole bunch of people are flocking to sign up and try, versus the amazing story of the lowly mid three-star who, with an axe, caught a six-star napping somewhere—or third-partied them after the six-star killed five other people."

It's a difficult thing to balance, as you don't want long-standing players feeling cheated, but you also don't want new players to bounce off. Though Fifield did say that the team is "working on it," when it comes to those 40% of players, so maybe things will change for the better for all.

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