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Humble Mojam earns $450,000 - there's still time to ruin Notch's beard

The 60 hour game jam is over, but charitable donations are still piling up thanks to Mojang's Humble Bundle game jam.

If you missed the Mojam, you can still contribute to the project and get all three finished games - but time is limited, so be quick. Mojang boss Markus "Notch" Persson has promised to change his trademark facial hair should the total reach $500,000.

The charity scheme has so far raised over $450,000 by providing a livestream of Mojang whipping up a game in just 60 hours. Proceeds will be split between Child's Play, the EFF, charity: water and the American Red Cross.

Over 80,000 people contributed to the fundraising, at an average of $5.61 at time of writing. Mojang organised prizes for the top ten contributors, all of whom dropped over $1,000, including 30 minutes of multiplayer Minecraft with the Mojang Team on a private server, and a signed art print from Catacomb Snatch.

Mojang's game, Catacomb Snatch, is a steampunk, Egyptian-themed RTS shooter, and Oxeye and Wolfire, both of which joined the jam part way through, are offering Fists of Resistance and The Broadside Express respectively.

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