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Horizon: Zero Dawn has gone gold, clear your schedule and hold all your calls

What do you mean Horizon: Zero Gawn has gone gold? Surely it doesn't come out unt- oh my gosh what happened to the calendar?

Horizon: Zero Dawn has gone gold, we gather from the celebratory tweets of a number of Guerrilla Games staffers.

The Amsterdam-based studio threw a little party to celebrate, with bubbly and green macaroons. And who can blame it? Horizon: Zero Dawn is the developer's first new IP since Killzone, and in fact only its third property since adopting the name Guerrilla Games.

It feels like only yesterday Sony debuted this project, which seemed like a huge departure from the Killzone era, but Horizon: Zero Dawn releases at the end of February. That's so soon! It's really happening.

Horizon: Zero Dawn serves as a PS4 Pro and 4K showpiece, as you'd expect from one of Sony's leading studios releasing a new game at this time. But it's also drawing a lot of attention on its own merits - the gorgeous environments, variety of robo-dinos and fluid combat, for example. We'll be watching closely in case this one goes mega.

Congratulations to Guerrilla Games on Horizon: Zero Dawn's gold status.

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