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Watch how fluid the action combat in Horizon: Zero Dawn is with new footage

Horizon: Zero Dawn's various monsters and the game's combat shown off extensively.

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Alex recently got a chance to play a near final build of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game is shaping up nicely, and he wanted to bring you new gameplay and updated impressions.

We've already seen some 4K footage running on PS4 Pro, but now it's time to take a deeper dive into what he actually got to play.

Overall, he had positive things to say about the game, particularly in some of the ways it resembles the Monster Hunter series. The gameplay on display also looks pretty action-heavy, as opposed to the stealth-focused footage developer Guerrilla Games has been showing before.

There's more than a couple of reasons you'll be spending time hunting these monsters, and they include getting new armour, crafting materials, weapons, and more.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out starting February 28 on PS4.

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