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HoloLens has "mind-blowing" potential for games, says Microsoft CEO

Microsoft's VR wearable HoloLens is going to be great for games, according to CEO Satya Nadella.


Speaking to investors, Nadella made Microsoft's entertainment plans for the device explicit.

"It's also getting clearer how the games people love today will evolve to mind-blowing experiences in the future when designed for the mixed reality that Windows 10 and HoloLens create," Nadella said during a post-earnings release call, as transcribed by Gamespot.

"Just imagine what is possible with Minecraft. Gaming truly is a valuable part of millions of people's lives and Microsoft will excel and increase our lead."

Minecraft on Hololens isn't confirmed as a real product yet, but Mojang has two different experimental projects in the works using the tech, according to Minecraft lead Jens Bergensten.

It seems that whatever else Hololens is for, Microsoft is determined to make it about gaming. The device was announced at a recent Windows 10 event, and may eventually support PC and Xbox One.

Microsoft had a pretty disappointing Q2, with the division including Xbox showing a year-on-year decrease in revenues, so the company is no doubt hoping to drum up investor excitement in its future plans.

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