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Hitman's second Elusive Target due next Friday

Hitman players will get their shot at another Elusive Target next weekend on the sunny shores of Sapienza.


Hitman's second Elusive Target due next Friday

As with the first Elusive Target, "The Congressman" will need to be located within 48 hours of going live and they can only die once. Also, if you fail the mission, that's it. No second chance.

Intel is limited, they do not appear in Instinct mode, or the mini map which means you will have to run around to find them.

Players who complete five Elusive Targets will unlock the Hitman: Absolution suit to use in-game. Complete ten and the player will unlock the Hitman: Blood Money.

Additional completions will unlock more suit variations in the future.

Hitman players can try to eliminate the Congressman staring May 27.

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