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Hitman: how to complete the Terminal Velocity Paris Assassination Challenge

Unstoppable force, meet immovable object. Ouch.


Hitman Challenge: Terminal Velocity (The Showstopper)

This challenge sees 47 perform a particularly brutal method of assassination: he drops one of his targets onto the other from a great height, and the ensuing crushing impact kills the pair of them. A tragic accident! A nice bonus is that your first accident kill in Paris nets you some bonus experience too.

It's quite the spectacle, but it's also one of the easier challenges to complete for Paris Mastery experience.

Here's what you have to do:

  • If you can, start the mission as a member of the tech crew in the AV center. If you can't yet do this you'll need to make your way up there. The easiest way is to slip into the stairwell towards the rear of the building and climb up one floor. There's a tech here working; choke him out, take his clothes. If you're concerned about hiding bodies there's a box at the very bottom of this stairwell, and there's not enough traffic that dragging him down two floors is much of a risk.
  • Back where the crew member was just on the right you'll find the AV center. On the table here is the Fireworks trigger: steal it. Just grab it and walk briskly away. If you started as tech crew, the trigger is right in front of you when you start.
  • Once you have the trigger one way or another you'll need to make your way to the top floor. There's numerous ways you can do this: you can climb the drainage pipes on the side of the building, don a disguise that'll get you past the guards or just sneak up by using various distractions. Use your previous knowledge of Paris to your advantage to find a way upstairs that doesn't trigger a high state of alert.
  • Once on the top floor, keep calm and head for the balcony that overlooks the Western courtyard. Stand out on that balcony, whip out the fireworks trigger, and trigger the fireworks display. There's a guard here - leave him alone! Even if you're just in your suit he won't bother you, as if you're suited and in the upper levels guards assume you're part of the auction.
  • Margolis will come out onto the same balcony as you in order to see the display. Victor Novikov will come out onto the courtyard directly below the balcony, furious that his grand finale has been triggered early. Wait for Margolis to walk to the balcony's edge, then check using your map or Hitman vision that Novikov is directly below her.
  • Crouch and sneak up behind her - give her a little push. She'll land on Novikov. Make a fast escape before the guards become suspicious of you - I recommend heading to the left and clambering over the edge of the building, shimmying around and climbing back through another window.

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