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Hitman: Absolution preview describes instincts and player choice

Hitman: Absolution was on display at E3, and GameFront got some hands-on time with the title, and has described Agent 47′s new Instinct ability as an “umbrella” feature, that provides the player an "idea of the way a highly trained super-assassin sees the world."

Apparently, players will be able to switch on Instinct highlights enemies to allow Agent 47 hightlight enemies through walls as well a the path they took along the ground. This enables 47 to "anticipate actions and patrols," and hide until the time comes where he can sneak around and continue about his business.

The preview goes on to state that thanks to IO’s Glacier 2 engine, enemies won’t "just actively hunt for you," they will also "do a pretty great job of appearing to be alive while they’re at it."

It also goes on to chat about IO allowing for player choice in the game, and the demo shown at E3 only provided one way to go about being Agent 47, and that there are a myriad of choices a player can make in the game.

Check out the full preview through the link.

Hitman: Absolution is out in 2012 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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