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Hines: Fallout 3's gameplay is like "organised chaos"

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Peter Hines has described Fallout 3's open-world gameplay as "organised chaos," saying the player is free to do what he or she likes but can always be easily sucked back into the post apocalyptic RPG's main quest.

"It's sort of like organised chaos," the Bethesda man told VG247 at Games Convention.

"In order for the player to be able to go wherever they want, they have to know they can get back to whatever it is that they wanted to be doing, or were supposed to be doing, which for most folks is the main quest.

"By making sure they know where to go next to get into that they feel much more free say, 'Yeah, I'm just going to go over here and see what this is,' and they get sucked into that for an hour and it's fun, and then they go back into where they were before."

The game's out on October 28 in the States and October 31 in the US.

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