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Hideo Kojima stays true to his brand, says he wants to make a game you can play in space

The heart wants what the heart wants.

It seems like it might be impossible for Hideo Kojima to be anything but himself, as he recently expressed wanting to make a game you can play in space.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Yes, you technically can play any game in space (if they can run all that complicated tech up there surely they can get a Nintendo Switch to work too). But one, it seems that Kojima seems to be saying he wants to play a game you can only play in space. And two, his ambitions are bigger than that: he wants to go to space himself.

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Kojima recently made an appearance at the premiere of Connecting Worlds, the documentary that's literally about himself, where he was asked by his number one best pal in the world and Summer Game Fest producer Geoff Keighley about what he wants to do in the future. "I want to go to outer space," Kojima responded, as shared by Axios' Stephen Totilo on Twitter. "I want to go to outer space and create a game you can play In space… So please someone send me up to space." You can't fault Kojima on how ambitious Kojima is at the very least.

It's pretty well known that Kojima has a taste for weird game mechanics. Whether it be something like Psycho Mantis reading your memory card and breaking the fourth wall, or food spoiler in Metal Gear Solid 3 if you let enough real world time pass. And there's his Boktai games too, which literally have light sensors that affect the game itself. He does weird stuff! So I say send him to space, the worst thing that can happen is an embarrassing tweet and we get a game with some poorly named characters that none of us can even play because who of us could ever afford to even go to space?

In terms of what's actually next for Kojima, though, Death Stranding 2 is officially in development, though there's no release date in sight just yet.

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