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Hideo Kojima can't help but tease his next game, this time with some fancy logos

They're nice logos, at the very least.

Hideo Kojima just can't seem to stop teasing his next game, whatever it might be, this time showing off some logos which… well, they look nice, I guess!

At this point I think we all get the deal with Kojima. He's a bit of a showman, he likes to do things in a way most other people won't, like pretending his eventually-cancelled Silent Hill game was made by an indie developer. This time, with his next, untitled game, he's been posting some teasers, like his reveal that Elle Fanning will be in it. His latest tease for this next game? Logos! Nice logos, though.

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"Start a new journey," wrote Kojima on his English Twitter, paired with a logo for something called the Automated Public Assistance Company (the most generic and yet still believable name I've ever seen for a fictional company), another logo we've seen in previous teases showing what could be a door, and a third logo that kind of looks like an octopus.

Interestingly, and probably unsurprisingly, Geoff Keighley (known Kojima fan) responded to the Death Stranding director's tweet with a gif of a walrus pulling a pose suggesting it's thinking along with text that reads "Hmm, very interesting." Considering how often Keighley ropes in Kojima for the most minor of things, a reveal of some sort at next week's The Game Awards would not be shocking in the slightest.

The biggest question is what this game actually is. Some fans think it's the sequel to Death Stranding, which is absolutely happening as the game's lead actor Norma Reedus said as such earlier this year. It could also be another title that Kojima is working on though, Overdose, supposedly a horror game starring Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in Death Stranding. Gameplay for this horror title leaked last month, but it's unclear how far along in development it might be.

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