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Here's an early look at Morrowind multiplayer in OpenMW

Multiplayer in the Morrowind project OpenMW seems to be coming along, even if it isn't ready for prime time just yet.

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Those unfamiliar with OpenMW should know its a free open-source engine which will allow users to mode the game, create new content, and basically extend the 2002 release.

It comes with its own editor and will support third party programs the original game engine uses.

Now that you are up to speed on it, the video above from Stanislav Zhukov shows a short synchronization test of the multiplayer component.

The OpenMW team has stated in its FAQ it has no plans for developing the multiplayer feature before the 1.0 release. The current release is 0.37.0 so there is still a ways to go it seems.

"There are probably some technical factors about OpenMW that would make it extremely complicated, messy, and painful to implement,: reads the FAQ. "However, sometime in the future, some sort of co-op feature for OpenMW could be a possibility. OpenMW will probably never support MMO style gameplay."

However it all turns out, it would be really cool to be able to play a standard Elder Scrolls title with a friend in tow. Until the day that actually happens though (if it ever does), there's always The Elder Scrolls Online.

Thanks: PC Gamer via RPS.

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