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Here's a more serious Hitman on disc launch trailer in case yesterday's was too lighthearted for you

Hitman is very serious business, I take it all back.

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Hitman has arrived in shops in a very handsome physical edition, and since Square Enix wants to make sure you absolutely have not missed this information, here's another trailer.

This one plays up Hitman's gravitas, with slow pan atmospheric scenes showing off the variety of locations and targets, moody music, slow motion action and a stack of accolades.

That's all very well and good; Hitman certainly provides the stylish action power fantasy this trailer sells. I just think it's less interesting than when you play Hitman for laughs, as yesterday's what's-in-the-Hitman-box trailer did.

But you do you, my cherubim; there's a lot to be said for looking good in a sharp suit, while hiding any number of sharp objects about your person. Hitman's very good at that.

Hitman is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and has won rave reviews all over the place. A return to form after the slight detour of Absolution, it manages to be both newb-friendly and offer the depth series veterans loved in earlier games.

It's hard to believe there are any sandbox action or stealth fans out there who haven't already pressed Hitman lovingly to their bosom, but on the off-chance, well, now you know all about it.

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