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Health games generate loads of cash, suggested for school programs


The fifth annual Games for Health Conference in Boston revealed that health games are a major force in the industry, generating over $2 billion worldwide.

"Healthcare is 18 percent of the GDP of the United States and so games for health is probably the largest sector of activity in the serious games field long-term," Games for Health Project co-founder, Ben Sawyer, told Reuters.

"If you add up the 18 month sales of Wii Fit and the sales of EA Sports Active, Konami's Dance Dance Revolution and other healthy games, the worldwide retail numbers are over $2 billion."

Dr. Michael Levine of the Sesame Workshop (yes, Sesame Street) has released a report citing how games can be beneficial and educational when it comes to health care and children.

"The White House should launch a national initiative to promote research and development of proven games," he said, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation agrees with him.

It has called upon the White House and Congress to start a public engagement campaign to educate parents, teachers and health providers about the healthy side of gaming.

Videogames in schools. Sure beats getting battered playing dodgeball.

Via Joystiq.

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