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Happy Wars receives small update to help combat lag, connection issues

Happy Wars has received a small update on the server side of things from Toylogic.

According to the developer, the update allowed it to "tweak things on the server side without waiting for a major update."

Things are still being fine tuned, but users should see better connection results and matchmaking.

"Our data shows that most people are seeing better results, but we know it’s not perfect yet, and some people have not seen an improvement, which is frustrating," said the firm. "We hope the latest tweaks last night have helped.

"We’re working on improving matchmaking speed and in-game lag issues."

Players may still experience issues getting into a match, lag during a match, characters jumping around or not taking damage. If so, Toylogic would like players with these issues to contact them with feedback.

You can find out what information the developer needs and how it can be contacted over on Play XBLA.

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