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Happy Wars update adds new mode, Castle Crashers costumes

The latest patch for Happy Wars adds a whole new mode to the free-to-play Xbox Live Arcade title.

According to OXM, you'll score a pretty sweet bonus if you try the new mode, called Extreme Style Match, before May 1.

The bonus is a couple of costumes inspired by the Blue Knight and Barbarian from The Behemoth's Castle Crashers - but while the costumes are totally free, you'll also need to have earned at least one achievement in Castle Crashers - which is not free, but everyone already owns it.

It's not entirely clear what Extreme Style Match is; Toylogic said that "Everything stays the same, except for just one element: the game balance. In this new game mode, the game balance is off-the-wall EXTREME. Everything will look the same, but feel completely different." Okay

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