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Hands-on with EVE's Walking in Stations

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Eurogamer's posted up a hands-on report with EVE Online's Walking in Stations evolution, fresh from the game's Fanfest in Iceland.


Walking in Stations' presentation at Fanfest was impressive - but limited and transparently far from finished. It hasn't even reached alpha testing yet, and the chances of it making the first of the next year's two expansions look pretty remote. But the project has implications beyond EVE - it's surely a technology testbed for CCP's second game, the mysterious, vampiric horror-fantasy World of Darkness. As such, it's reassuring that the developer is investing in cutting-edge technology, and developing realistic, worldly content with the same intellectual thoroughness and dedication to player freedom that it has brought to the abstract reaches of space.

Nowhere near, then. Full thing through the link.

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