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The Halo speedrun world record has been broken, again

Think you're good at Halo? Bow down, Spartans; you have a new lord and master.


Halo's speedrun record has been smashedd for a second time within a few months, and although I said you have a new lord and master, it'a actually the same one - Twitch streamer goatrope.

Playing the PC version of the first Halo on Legendary difficulty, goatrope set a new world record at 1:36:40, a few minutes less than his May record of 1:38:57.

What makes the run even more extraordinary is that goatrope still has room to improve; he criticises his own performance throughout the stream, despite only dying seven times in the whole, lightning-fast run.

Watch live video from goatrope on Twitch

Thanks, Kotaku.

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