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Halo: Reach beta video gets leaked


Someone has gone done a naughty, leaking a video of the opening screens from the upcoming Halo: Reach beta.

The video shows that there's single-player as well as multiplayer stuff to try in the test.

The message greeting the player during boot-up says:

"Welcome to the Halo: Reach Public Beta, the experience you are about to enjoy is an early sample of a few multiplayer and single-player levels from Halo: Reach, launching exclusively on Xbox 360 later this year. Until then, drive into Activities or Campaign and have a blast."

It also reveals a new gameplay mechanic known as "Murder Mode", which lets you kill enemies without being seen.

Access to the beta is included with every copy of Halo 3: ODST.

Find the video below, courtesy of XE.

Game's due later this year.

New screens were released of Bungie's last piece in Halo's cake this morning.

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