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Guild Wars novel Sea of Sorrows releases next week

The third Guild Wars novel, Sea of Sorrows, will finally release next week, ArenaNet has announced.

Written by the firm's narrative designer Ree Soesbee, the timeframe in the novel is 150 years before the events occurring in the MMO.

Here's the Amazon description: "In the fantasy world of Tyria-a place torn by conflict, where human kingdoms are on the decline and all but destroyed, while other races are rising up and seizing control over large portions of territory-a champion must rise from the ruins of a once-proud land to lead refugees from the ashes and fulfill an ancient prophecy."

According to Massively, the novel tells the tale of a young sailor named Cobiah Marriner, who "heads for the sea when his life in Lion's Arch takes a tragic turn."

In the game, his grandson is the commodore of Lion's Arch, and ester eggs related to the book have recently been added to the game, such as: a statue of Cobiah in Lion's Arch with an engraved book on it; marriner's plaques have been placed around the city for an unannounced upcoming activity; and more references and living story updates tying into the novel's events will be added to to the game.

Sea of Sorrows is out next Tuesday, June 25.

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