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Guacamelee dev's Severed headed to mobile in 2015

Guacamelee developer DrinkBox Studios has announced Severed, a mobile dungeon crawler in which players can equip pieces of their dismembered enemies.


Destructoid reports Severed tells the story of a warrior who awakens missing part of her arm, and sets out to find out why.

DrinkBox described the game as a cross between Mega Man, Infinity Blade and Punch-Out. Played in first-person mode and controlled with gestures, Severed has multiple upgrade paths, with players acquiring new powers by cutting bits off foes and attaching them to their character.

The non-linear gameplay takes place in an open world with multiple branching paths, allowing players to backtrack and try a new direction of their current build isn't up to the task. Although the project is very early in development, DrinkBox is aiming for an eight hour experience.

Drinkbox is hoping to bring Severed to further touch-friendly platforms like 3DS and Vita, or even non-touch systems, but has nothing to announce at this early stage.

Thanks, DualShockers.

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