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GTA Online's fastest muscle cars - fully upgraded vehicles ranked by top speed and lap times

GTA Online offers muscle car fans a huge variety of choices, but most of them are utter rubbish if you're looking for an advantage over the competition. Here are the ones that matter.

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GTA Online expert Broughy1322 is back with another round up of the best vehicles in GTA 5's online multiplayer suite.

This time the focus is on muscle cars - fully upgraded, of course. This is one of GTA Online's largest vehicle classes, but sadly for those of us who love the growl of a muscle car, in general they fall well behind sports cars in terms of top speed performance.

That said, there are some pretty good ones, and the top end of the class just leaves the others in the dust. In the video above you'll see each of GTA Online's muscle cars ranked by top speed.

Top speed isn't everything, of course, in GTA Online as in life - handling is equally important to racing success, especially in this class, which make super and sports cars look like easy mode.

The second video, embedded below, ranks GTA 5's muscle cars by lap time. Your results may vary there, as skill plays an important part, but the tests seem pretty consistent so you shouldn't be led too far astray.

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But what you want to know is: what is the best muscle car in GTA Online? It turns out the top three is identical across both metrics, and unsurprisingly, it's the Pisswasser Dominator (as seen in the featured image, via GTA Wiki) that comes out on top.

The Pisswasser Dominator's top speed of 124.5mph is above and beyond its closest rival the Sabre Turbo Custom at 121.3 mph - but it's also much harder to race, making it less of a contender for all but the best GTA Online drivers out there. The vanilla Dominator comes in at third, by the way.

So there you have it - the best muscle cars in GTA Online. It's well worth watching both of the videos for the expert commentary, as there are some lower ranked muscle cars which will show most GTA 5 players a good time.

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