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GTA Online Transform races are playable now, months before the official release

A bug in GTA Online means Transform races are playable now on all platforms.

GTA Online's Smuggler's Run update got a fun trailer last week and a stonking list of patch notes followed shortly afterwards.

If you've dabbled in it already, you'll have seen the extortionately pricey vehicles in the form of planes and helicopters - not that we thought they'd be cheap - as well as a PUBG type Adversary Mode.

Another new feature that Rockstar on touched but that isn't due to roll out until Autumn are the new dynamic races, that change your vehicle at checkpoints throughout the race. You might automatically switch from a car to a plane, for example.

It turns out that you can actually access the Transform races right now, following the Smuggler's Run update. Broughy1322 explains the process below.

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The short version is that you can boot up a stunt race with a primary and secondary checkpoint. The secondary checkpoint will be a transform checkpoint, so you can go ahead and create a whole transform race for yourself.

We'll have to see if this is something Rockstar will patch out before the official release in a couple of months, but you can certainly give it a whirl now if you're curious.

The method can be use on all platforms, not just PC, so let us know if you try it out in the comments below.

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