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GTA Online: Rockstar selects best of player-created Ill-Gotten Gains jobs

Rockstar has highlighted some of the best player creations to come out of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update.


The update allowed GTA Online players to craft their own Online Jobs within the Los Santos International Airport and the Fort Zancudo Military Base. Rockstar have picked out the cream of the crop, which can be bookmarked on the Rockstar Social Club if you'd like to give them a look.

The highlighted jobs are:

  • Zancudo Team Death Match by Drogom (PS3 & PS4)
  • Zancudo Zancrudo by srethrennate (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
  • Tranchées véhiculées by ProfGenki95 (PC)
  • Bifta Kart Track 2 by blockgod94 (PS3 & PS4)
  • LSIA GP by Echo0712 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
  • AirPort_Crash by UltraMzag_PL (PC)

There's quite a bit of variety there, and it's always nice to see a developer highlighting the work of their player community.

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