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GTA Online Bikers DLC: Just $2.4 million will buy you all the new motorbikes

Is this the cheapest vehicle update yet for GTA 5?


The much-requested Bikers DLC for GTA Online has gone live today, letting players finally get their hands on a whole new set of vehicles, weapons, clothes and more.

The big additions are the new rides, a tasty selection of choppers, new performance motorbikes, with a new quad, trike and dirt bike thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah, and some mopeds.

You can now buy a Clubhouse in-game, which also acts as a 10-bike garage. Meaning you could buy pretty much all of the fresh bikes and store them in your new lock-up.

But how much are all the bikes going to cost the serious collectors? A grand total of $2,438,500, which in GTA money, is pocket change.

Here's all the prices:

  • Hakuchou Drag - $970,000
  • Shitzu Defiler - $412,000
  • Nagasaki Chimera (trike) - $210,000
  • Nagasaki Street Blazer (quad) - $81,000
  • Western Zombie Chopper - $122,000
  • Western Nightblade - $100,000
  • Western Zombie Bobber - $99,000
  • Western Wolfsbane - $95,000
  • Pegassi Faggio Mod - $55,000
  • Pegassi Faggio Sport - $47,500
  • LCC Avarus - $116,000
  • Miabatsu Manchez - $67,000
  • Western Rat Bike - $48,000
  • Western Bagger - $16,000

But it's not all cheap. The Clubhouse is going to be the most expensive thing you can buy in the GTA Online Bikers DLC. Much like the yacht or offices from the CEO update, you can buy a shell and then customise it with your Motrocycle Club name and other features, including a custom bike shop.

Update: Whoops, we missed a bike off, the Hakuchou Drag. Still, those prices are pretty damn reasonable, hey.

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