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GTA Online adds new Adversary Mode Overtime Shootout, and the HVY Nightshark with its twin machine guns

A new Adversary Mode is available today for GTA Online players, as well as a new vehicle with a handy set of weapons.

Overtime Shootout is the latest Adversary Mode to be released for GTA Online, and it's available from today complete with Double GTA$ & RP through August 14.

This mode places an importance on accuracy and finesse, so instead of "barreling down a ramp" with team, each player will take turns like a true shootout. The team with the most points collected by the end wins.

Bonus cash with Double GTA$ Salaries for Bodyguards and Associates will also run through August 14.

If you're in the market for a rather cool looking vehicle, head over to Warstock Cache & Carry and purchase the HVY Nightshark. Why is it so cool? It features front-facing twin machine guns which players can use to unleash bullet-ridden hell on enemies. Nice.


Those looking for a deal can take 25% off Mobile Operations Centers at Warstock, weaponized vehicle customizations. All renovations, including the Vehicle Workshop for all Weaponized Vehicles and weaponized mods are also 25% off.

The 25% off deal applies to the Dewbauchee Vagner Supercar over at Legendary Motorsport as well, and initial purchases of new MK II Ammo types, are also 25% off. Take advantage of the deal to purchase some Incendiary or Tracer Rounds,for instance.

Finally, the latest Premium Race and Time Trial events run from today through August 14. The Premium Race is Mountain Drop, and locked to Bikes. The Time Trial is Maze Bank Arena.

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