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GTA 5 user videos: Franklin's exploits, a traffic jam tickle our funny bone

Since GTA 5 was released on PC this week, the amount of videos being created with the new editing tools are releasing at a quick rate. Below, are three in particular I found amusing.


The first one is from James McVinnie, originally posted on Reddit, showing what occurs after he happens upon vehicles in a congested pileup. According to him, this seems to always be the case at this particular street junction. It's rather good. I especially love the folks flying around in it.

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This next one features Franklin hitting the docks and picking a fight with two workers using smack talk and the One Fingered Kentucky Welcome. My favorite part is the foul language uttered by said dock workers, and the continued look of boredom on Franklin's face. According to TMulharin the video ends the way it does because something bad happens to Franklin.

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With the final video, I have saved the best for last. At least, to me it's the best. It really fits with my odd sense of humor. I could not stop laughing while watching this yesterday. Just the goofy look on Franklin's face was enough, but his antics helped. And, like the video posted before it, Franklin eventually meets a sad end. Bravo, AlphaPot.

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