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GTA 5 PC launch day blowout! All the videos, news, fixes & customisation options here

A million years in the making, a squillion dollar budget, rendered at a trillion frames per second: GTA 5 is finally on PC. Let's go buck wild.


Permission to lose your s**t? Permission granted.

GTA 5 on PC is live now and you love it. We're covering the launch, the community reactions and the updates to the game as it happens. Miss anything? Fear not, Bucko. Here's everything that's gone down on day one.

Firstly, if you've got trouble accessing the game, here are the known bugs and how to fix 'em. Squash them shits. And make sure you've got your Nvidia and AMD drivers up to date.

Now lets take a look at what we're getting. How about SEVEN videos of GTA 5 running on Ultra settings. Daaaaamn, son. And here's the first 20 minutes of the single-player game for good measure.

So you've survived North Yankton and you're back in LS, let's switch through the radio dial and set custom radio stations.

You might be pondering whether to transfer you console save from GTA Online over to PC which is why we made this video especially for you. Make a goddamn decision and stick to it.

Of course one of the big additions to GTA 5 on PC is the Rockstar Editor and Director Mode. It looks amazing and a little overwhelming, but that's why one of our team has written a pretty damn extensive guide to using it. Give that boy a raise.

And in case you missed it, here's the first video Rockstar commissioned from the new editing suite, which they sensibly gave to 8 Bit Bastard. It's hotter than Trevor's gooch after a cross country run.

That's it? Hardly. We'll be bringing you more GTA 5 on PC over the next 24 hours and beyond. Soak it up.

Oh, and if you're just getting started with GTA Online, here's a guide to the Heists you'll be coming up against shortly.

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