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Is GTA Online getting lowriders? 12 new vehicles spotted for future DLC

The codename "LOW" and 12 new vehicles have been dug out of code by dedicated GTA Online players. Are we looking at future lowrider or lowlife DLC?


Some of GTA Online's most dedicated fans have discovered 12 new vehicles in the game's code along with the codename "LOW".

Speculation has begun that these new vehicles will form the next significant free DLC drop for GTA Online, following the release of the Ill-Gotten Gains content over the past two months.

While LOW could mean many things, fans are focusing on two theories in particular; it could be a lowrider themed DLC, or it could be some sort of cheaper "lowlife" update - the opposite of Ill-Gotten Gains.

Lowlife makes sense as most players are spent out after spunking millions of dollars on new sports cars, expensive suits and over-priced gold helicopters in Ill-Gotten Gains. What better way to follow that than budget focused DLC that even those with dusty wallets can get involved with?

It makes sense when you look at the leaked list of new vehicles too, the majority of which we've seen previously in GTA Online, GTA 4, San Andreas and other releases.

The Primo is a cheap sedan, the Moonbeam is a crappy minivan and the Virgo is a two-door motor with minibar that's been doing the rounds since Vice City.

Cool budget vehicles have been released through the Beach Bum and Hipster updates before, and at this stage $20,000 for a funky-looking hooptie would make a nice change from the ugly $800,000 Windsor Enus.


But then it also makes sense that these functional cars could be pimped out as lowriders, adding hydraulics (which have already featured in GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas), spinning rims, hand painted hoods, upholstery and maybe even nitrous.

When you consider the detail added to character tattoos on PS4, PC and Xbox One and the recent engraved guns, going into finer detail on vehicles seems like a logical step. Does that also mean we'll see San Andreas' Loco Low Co return to compete with Los Santos Customs?

Expand the lowrider theory a little wider and it could easily be tied in to the local Vagos and Ballas gangs. In GTA V the condition of your vehicles is said to have an effect on the NPCs around you. Maybe gang bangers will give you more respect if you've got an extra level of shine on your pimped out Slamvan?


Rockstar has a penchant for lowriders too, as it helped create the documentary Sunday Driver in 2005, a film about the Majestics car club.

At this stage it's all speculation, but the the leakers of this info have been right about lots of DLC before. Of course there's no timeline to GTA Online DLC and we're still waiting for the Rockstar Editor update for PS4 and Xbox One, the long-delayed single-player DLC (which will most likely be paid for, as was The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned) and let's not forget the two-part Ill-Gotten Gains DLC has only just been released.

In the meantime there's no harm in speculating. It's more fun than getting angry because there's no mansions or casino DLC on the horizon...

Shout out to Tezfun2, ShadowKDen, r/GrandTheftAutoV and GTAForums.

Images from Rockstar's Sunday Driver documentary.

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