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GTA 5: Back to the Future tribute shows off power of mods and Rockstar Editor

GTA 5 and Back to the Future, together at last.

Back to the Future Day is nearly upon us at last. After years of PhotoShop false alarms, we're coming up hard on October 21, 2015 - the date famously displayed on the time-traveling DeLorean's dashboard.

Of all the celebrations going around the Internet over the past week, this tribute video from GTA Series Videos is one of the neatest. Put together with the Back To the Future Time Circuits Mod 0.2 by Joshua Vanderzee, the Back To The Future - Delorean Time Machine (3 Car Pack) 1.0 by Madgaz, Simple Trainer for GTA V 2.4 by sjaak327 and a series of custom mods, it shows off what patience and effort can achieve with the Rockstar Editor. Enjoy.

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