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Grunge Revival hits The Sims 4: Embrace the rebellious vibes in the latest kit

Looking California and feeling Minnesota.

Two new kits are coming to The Sims 4, and at least one of them will take Gen X'ers down memory lane to the good ole days of looking like you threw on something out of the hamper because that was the style.

It's the Grunge Revival kit, which harkens back to when Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden were the most fantastic bands of the time. When looking unpolished on purpose was cool, and Seattle was the place to be.

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Some of the looks from this point in time are coming back around, as all fashions do, and The Sims 4 is diving headfirst into the realm of the unpolished, the imperfect, and the free-spirited.

You can dress your Sims in clothing with worn textures, layered options, and bold accessories with stylish alternative looks. Whether it's rocking an old band tee or a baggy hoodie and faded jeans from the thrift store, slouchy silhouettes are "the thing" for every frame.

While the current look outside of The Sims is a bit nouveau grunge, it's still sloppy enough to be considered retro by the younger crowd. Get out there, Gen X'ers, and show them what grunge fashion really looks like - throw a t-shirt over your head, put on some jeans with holes in them, wrap a flannel shirt around your waist, pull on your black combat boots, and rock it.

Another new kit is on the way too, and it lets you add a Book Nook to your domicile.

Take a break from life's constant hustle and bustle and enjoy a quiet corner to read your favorite book or something new. This plush, cozy space is a perfect sport for your Sims to curl up surrounded by shelves filled with literary treasures.

It features comfy window seating, stackable bookshelves, and sofas with soft accents. Enjoy it wearing your grunge clothing.

Sounds like heaven.

The Sims 4 Grunge Revival and Book Nook Kits will be available on June 1 for Mac, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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