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Grounded: How to Get Spider Silk

You'll need Spider Silk to craft certain armor sets and tools in Grounded. Here's where to get it.

You'll need all the help you can get while exploring the hostile world in Grounded. One of the main dangers are the quite frankly terrifying spiders that patrol almost every area of the game. These spiders guard a valuable resource called Spider Silk, which has many uses when crafting new tools, weapons and armor. In this guide we'll show you where to get Spider Silk, so that you can start crafting items like the Dew collector and the Spider Armor.

Where to Find Spider Silk in Grounded

To get Spider Silk in Grounded you will unsurprisingly need to head to where spiders hang out. We've marked a good location on the map below. Just head to this area and look out for large webbing between tree stumps, this is where you will need to go to harvest Spider Silk.

Head here to find spider silk | Jake Green/USG

How to Get Spider Silk

To get Spider Silk, approach one of the large webs and hit it with your axe. As you do this Spider Silk will be automatically added to your inventory. Be careful of spiders as you chop and flee if you are spotted; you can always return later. Something else to watch out for are the webs on the ground which will hold you in place if you walk into them.

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What is Spider Silk Used For?

Spider Silk is used for a multitude of crafting recipes in Grounded. You'll need it in order to build the Dew Collector, which is an extremely useful thing to have at your camp.

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