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Grounded: How to Get Berry Leather

Berry Leather is used in many of the stronger armor sets in Grounded. Here's how to get Berry Chunks and craft them into Berry Leather.

If you want to be able to take on the stronger enemies that Grounded has to offer you will need to craft better armor and tools. This means you'll need rare resources like Berry Leather, which can only be found in one area of the map. In this guide we'll show you where to find Berry Leather, and how to craft it into usable pieces.

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How to get Berry Leather in Grounded

To get Berry Leather in Grounded you will first need to get Berry chunks from the blue berries located in the Southeast area of the map. We've marked this area on the map below. Read on for more info on getting to the berries.

Here's where to go | Jake Green/USG

How to Get to the Berries

Before heading out to this area we recommend you have the Sprig Bow. It's an early game weapon unlocked by analyzing Sprigs. Craft some arrows (you'll need Thistles) and make sure to bring some food and water with you. Once you're at the berry tree you should craft a Lean-To and set it as your respawn point as this is a very dangerous area. To get to the berries you can either climb up the tree itself and knock them down using an axe, or you can fire arrows at the stems holding them up. You can retrieve any arrows that miss so just keep walking around this area knocking berries down. There are Orb Weavers nearby so be extremely careful. Once you've knocked down a few, hack at each with an axe. This will give you Berry Chunks.

Knock down those berries! | Jake Green/USG

How to Craft Berry leather

Once you have some Berry Chunks take them to a lab and analyze them. There's a lab in the tree nearby so you can use that one if you wish. This will unlock the Berry Leather recipe. You'll need to use 3 Berry Chunks per piece of Berry Leather you make, meaning each berry you harvest you'll only get a single piece of leather. You will need to craft at a workbench.

What Is Berry Leather Used For?

Berry Leather is used in a number of crafting recipes including the Ladybug Armor (more on killing Ladybugs here), Insect Hammer and even Super Armor Glue. We recommend having at least 5 pieces of Berry Leather at your camp at all times in case any of your high-level weapons break and you need to fix them with Super Armor Glue.

Crafting Berry Leather | Jake Green/USG

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