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Greenberg: "Kinect is more about the games than the tech"


Aaron Greenberg has said the games shown at TGS this week for Kinect are just the second wave of titles for the new tech, and there's a lot more out there waiting in the wings.

Speaking with Gamespot in the video interview below, Greenberg admits Microsoft could have put out a motion controller instead of Kinect, and why it went controller-free instead.

"We absolutely could have done a motion controller and that probably would have been the quickest way to market for us," he said. "We felt like giving game developers a way to develop games with a whole new natural interface, with nothing to hold, no controller at all, is what is unique about Kinect."

He goes on to chat about the games shown at E3, how there's was a variety of racing, sports, and dancing games built for Kinect from the ground up; and how the second wave at TGS from Japanese developers are much different than what was shown at E3.

Greenberg also discussed some of the challenges developers faced with Kinect, stating that with any new technology, it's always a bit challenging to develop games at a rapid pace.

"That has stabilized though", he said, "which I think is nice. Now it's how do we bring unique experiences and not takes experiences that were designed to be on a controller and just makes those controller free.

"So, what we're seeing, even from the Japanese creators too, are things actually unique to Kinect and are things you couldn't do with a controller.

"Kinect is more about the games than the tech. So know that essentially, all the top developers in the world have sensors and are working on games. So there's a lot more waiting in the wings."

Kinect launches in November.

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