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Gran Turismo 6 lets you drive the Lunar Lander. On the Moon. Where else?

Gran Turismo, as a series, has always prided itself on its fetishistic authenticity to the construction of cars and the physics of racing them. Now, for Gran Turismo 6, Polyphony Digital it turning that obsession towards the final frontier: you will be able to drive the "Lunar Roving Vehicle LEV-001 '71" on the Moon. There's maybe two seconds of Moon footage in the trailer below. Worth it.

Can you race on the Moon? Probably. Can you race normal cars on the Moon? Can you race the Lunar Rover on the Earth? Has Polyphony secretly sent a team to the Moon to work out the physics of Moon racing?!

Sadly, I can't answer these questions and neither can the two seconds of Moon footage at about the 2:35 mark in the trailer. All we can do is wait.

In another spacey new trailer, Polyphony show off their new skybox technology, which promises accurate real life constellations at night that move across the screen like they should. But will they be accurate from the perspective of... the Moon?!

Gran Turismo 6 is set for a worldwide release on PS3 on December the 6th.

Thanks Polygon.

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