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Gone Home dev Steve Gaynor says bar is set high for indies

Fullbright boss Steve Gaynor spoke at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas yesterday and said independent developers have to be extra careful these days because they're competing against each other and standards of quality have become very high.

gone home

“When the first wave came out all they had to worry about was AAA," Gaynor said (via PCGamesN). "They had this proposition of something different that didn't cost $60 that people were saying was really cool. But the thing that is happening now is that those guys are making their follow-ups and those games are being marketed and perceived differently than the first wave, which were surprises. Expectations are very high.”

Gaynor said that despite the market for indies expanding recently, he doesn't expect that to mean expanded media coverage for the indie community as a whole. "Now indies are much more in competition with each other," he said.

It's definitely a tough market -- see days when a wave of titles are Greenlit on Steam and appear in the store next to each other all at the same time. Do you think Gaynor's take on indies is on the mark? Or maybe that what he's describing of the indie space really applies to the entire spectrum of games?

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