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This God of War mod brings Homer and Bart to Midgard

An impressive Simpsons-themed God of War mod comes complete with voice acting.

With 2018's God of War having been released on PC earlier this year, mods of course were expected to come, and now a mod will let you play as Homer and Bart Simpson.

God of War tells a tale of a broken man, with a long, painful history, trying to figure out how to once again be a father. And this Simpsons themed mod takes all of that, and undercuts it by replacing Kratos and Atreus' character models with Home and Bart. The mod comes from Omega Fantasy, who has a history of God of War mods, with the video showing it off on YouTuber ToastedShoe's channel.

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It's unclear if the mod will be playable for everyone or not, but it's genuinely kind of impressive. A simple character model swap, it is not, as Omega Fantasy hired some voice actors doing impressions of the characters too, with Benjamin Rudmar as Homer, and June Briar as Bart. Not only that, YouTuber and voice actor Brock Baker played the role of The Stranger, who of course is replaced by Ned Flanders.

Unsurprisingly there is a bit of clipping here and there, considering Kratos doesn't quite have as big a gut as Homer, but all in it looks like a mod that plays really well. Instead of Kratos' axe, Homer uses a baseball bat, though Bart just sticks with the bow and arrow.

While we're still waiting on a proper look at the upcoming sequel God of War Ragnarok, Santa Monica Studio has at least shown off the accessibility features that will be present in the game.

Apparently there will be over 60 options available to players, with things like controller remapping and combat customisation options, as well as caption sizes for subtitles, and a direction indicator to show players where a sound is coming from.

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