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God of War: How to Beat the Baldur Final Boss Fight

The final boss of God of War, Baldur is a powerful enemy who returns for an all-out battle at the climax of the game, backed by the magic of Freya. We'll show you how to beat the Baldur final boss fight here, along with the best tactics for each phase of the fight.

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How to Beat the Baldur Final Boss Fight in God of War

To beat the Baldur final boss fight, you'll need to be prepared for a long battle, as Baldur has five separate stages through which you'll have to keep fighting, as well as being hampered throughout by Freya. We'll cover the best tactic for each phase of the fight and how you can survive the whole thing below.

Kratos and Atreus work together to bring down one of the worst beards in all in the Nine Realms. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

How to Beat Baldur's First Phase

The first phase of the fight with Baldur has you battle him as you did at the beginning of the game, only this time you have the abilities you've earned. This is the easiest phase, but we'd still suggest these tips:

  • Freya will snare both of you with vines at times. If trapped, mash the O button to escape. Do it fast enough and you'll break free before Baldur, allowing a free attack on him while he's still struggling.
  • Baldur is fast, but doesn't have many unblockable attacks. Keep your shield ready to stop him from hitting you.
  • You don't have to empty his health bar (you can't, he regenerates), just survive for about three minutes while doing some damage before the next stage of the fight.
  • Don't bother with stun damage; it has little effect on him.

If you're still having trouble, this guide has more advice that can help you with combat in general, not just Baldur.

How to Beat Baldur's Second Phase

The second phase of the fight begins after Baldur has been stabbed with Mistletoe, making him vulnerable, and Freya remanimates the corpse of Thamur to try and separate the two of you. This is the advice that'll keep you alive this time:

  • You can dodge roll under the frost shockwaves made by Thamur, but you can't block them.
  • If Baldur starts zipping around, ready your shield for the inevitable punch coming your way.
  • Use the Blades of Chaos, as Baldur will be infused with frost energy to make him immune to the axe..
  • Now might be a good time to use Spartan Rage if pushed, as there's enough fight left that it could recharge before the end.
  • More of Freya's vines will appear on the battlefield, this time situated around like traps. You can break free of them the same way as before, or just try to avoid them.
  • If injured, there's a chance Baldur will drop a healthstone for you to use.
  • Once you get rid of five sections of his health bar, this phase of the battle will end.
Baldur will use elemental moves from the second phase onwards, forcing you to pick the right weapons to hurt him. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

How to Beat Baldur's Third Phase

After a quicktime event in which Atreus and Kratos work together, Baldur will return covered in flames, while Freya summons draugr to try and end the fight. You'll need to swap tactics again here.

  • Baldur will now be immune to the Blades of Chaos, so you'll have to use the Leviathan Axe to hurt him.
  • Use Atreus to take out the weak minions while you focus on Baldur himself.
  • Dodging is important in this phase, as there'll be a lot of projectile, area-of-effect and ground-based attacks that are difficult or impossible to block.
  • Your own area-of-effect moves can be helpful in clearing out the minions and damaging Baldur at the same time.
  • If Baldur leaps up out of sight, roll away immediately - he's about to crash down where you are and generate explosions of fire around him.
  • This time you only have to take away three sections of his health bar before the next stage of the fight.

How to Beat Baldur's Fourth Phase

The fourth phase is a quicktime event reminiscent of when you fought him on the dragon before, as Kratos is on his back trying to defend himself from Baldur's attacks. Use L1 to block until he raises both fists, then use the left analog stick to roll in the direction opposite to him. He'll miss, allowing you to perform a powerful R1 counterattack and trigger a series of button prompts with Atreus that move you to the final stage of the fight.

Baldur breaks out all the stops for the final phase of the fight. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

How to Beat Baldur's Fifth and Final Phase

The final fight with Baldur incorporates everything you've learned fighting him so far, and you'll need to be more ready than ever. This time, remember these guidelines to claim victory:

  • Baldur will now switch between his fiery and ice forms to make himself immune to one of your weapons. When he's fiery, use the Leviathan Axe. When he's blue and icy, use the Blades of Chaos.
  • This being the final phase, feel free to use all your most powerful abilities, regardless of cooldown, including Spartan Rage if you have it ready.
  • Keep Atreus firing on him to constantly chip away at his health.
  • Though he uses all the moves from the fight so far, he's more likely to use moves your shield can block.
  • If you have the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, you can use it to interrupt a lot of his attacks, even if it doesn't hurt him much.
  • When Baldur changes element types, he'll unleash a blast of energy that knocks you back. Despite looking painful, it doesn't actually hurt you.
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