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GoW: Ascension to feature “brutal” online multiplayer

God of War: Ascension director Todd Pappy has confirmed on the US PS Blog the game will have a multiplayer mode, the first time it has been introduced into the series.

Confirming long-held speculation, God of War: Ascension will feature online multiplayer. This'll be the first time the GoW series has introduced it in its eight-year history.

"That's right. God of War: Ascension will feature a ground-breaking new online multiplayer mode," said Pappy.

"We wouldn’t do multiplayer in God of War unless we knew we could do it right. That’s why I’m extremely excited to finally be able to talk publicly about it and share all the gory details with you live. I even have some exclusive gameplay footage to share with you, so be sure to tune in to see it all live."

That all kicks off at 4pm GMT today. GamesRadar has footage of the multiplayer in action here.

Eurogamer's preview of the multiplayer has just gone live, confirming multiple modes for the game. Details show it'll be a team-based gameplay with the action setpieces that God of War is known for. Players will have to choose which of the four Gods they'll be representing under - Zeus, Poseidon, Hades or Ares.

Online had been speculated since rumours on the game started spilling out last year.

GoW: Ascension is set to launch next spring on PS3, according to the game's listing on the US PlayStation website.

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